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School Subjects

CBSE (Secondary Subjects) Arabic, Art Education, Assamese, Bahasa Melayu, Bengali, Bodo, Carnatic Music Melodic Instrument, English - Language and Literature, e-Publishing and e-Office, French, Gujarati, Hindi A, Hindustani Music - Melodic Instruments, Hindustani Music Vocal, ICT Curriculum, Kannada, Lepcha, Malayalam, Marathi, Mizo, Nepali, Painting, Punjabi, Russian, Science, Sindhi, Spanish, Tamang, Tamil, Telugu- AP, Thai, Urdu Course A, Bhutia, Carnatic Music (only vocal), Carnatic Music Percussion, Elements of Book Kepping and Accountancy, Elements of Business, English - Communicative, FIT Curriculum, German, Gurung, Hindi B, Hindustani Music Percussion Instruments, Home Science, Japanese, Kashmiri, Limboo, Manipuri, Maths, NCC, Odia, Persian, Rai, Sanskrit, Sherpa, Social Science, Tangkhul, Telugu-Telangana, Tibetan, Urdu Course B, Computers,
CBSE (Sr. Secondary Subjects) English - Elective NCERT, English - Elective CBSE, English Core, Hindi Core, Hindi Elective, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Engineering Graphics, Home Science, Agriculture, Computer Science, Informatics Practices, Multimedia & Web Tech., Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, History, Psychology, Sociology, Physical Education, Fashion Studies, Fine Arts, Mass Media Studies, Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India, Legal Studies, National Cadet Corps, Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Manipuri, Odia, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Telugu Telangana, Urdu Core, Urdu Elective, Limboo, Lepcha, Bhutia, Sanskrit Core, Sanskrit Elective, Arabic, Persian, Nepali, Tibetan, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Kashmiri, Mizo, Japanese, Tangkhul, Carnatic Music - Vocal, CARNATIC MUSIC -MELODIC INSTRUMENTAL, CARNATIC MUSIC - PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTAL, Political Science, Geography,
ICSE (Secondary) Art, Assamese, Bengali, Biology, Chemistry, Classical Language, Commercial Applications, Commercial Studies, Computer Applications, Cookery, Dzongkha, Economic Applications, Economics, English, Environmental Applications, Environmental Science, Fashion Designing, French, Garo, Geography, German, History and Civics, Home Science, Kannada, Khasi, Kokborok, Lepcha, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Mathematics, Mizo, Naga, Nepali, Odia, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Physics, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Second Language - Sanskrit, Spanish, SUPW and Community Service, Tamil, Tangkhul, Technical Drawing Applications, Telugu, Urdu, Yoga,
ISC (Sr. Secondary) Accounts, ARABIC, Art, ASSAMESE, BENGALI, Biology, Biotechnology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Chinese, Commerce, Computer Science, DZONGKHA, Economics, Elective English, Electricity & Electronics, Engineering Science, English, Environmental Science, Fashion Designing, French, Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing, German, GUJARATI, HINDI, History, Home Science, KANNADA, KHASI, LEPCHA, MALAYALAM, MANIPURI, MARATHI, Mathematics, MIZO, Music, NEPALI, ODIA, PERSIAN, Physical Education, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, PUNJABI, SANSKRIT, Sociology, Spanish, SUPW, TAMIL, TELUGU, Tibetan, URDU,
IGCSE Accounting, Afrikaans - First Language, Afrikaans - Second Language, Agriculture, Arabic - First Language, Arabic - Foreign Language, Art and Design, Art and Design, Bahasa Indonesia, Bangladesh Studies, Biology, Biology – New, Biology (US), Business Studies, Business Studies – New, Chemistry, Chemistry – New, Chemistry (US), Child Development, Chinese - First Language, Chinese - Second Language, Chinese (Mandarin) - Foreign Language, Computer Science, Computer Science, Czech - First Language, Design and Technology, Design and Technology – New, Development Studies, Drama, Drama – New, Dutch - First Language, Dutch - Foreign Language, Economics, English - First Language, English - First Language – New, English - First Language (UK only), English - First Language (US), English - Literature (UK only), English – Literature (English), English – Literature (US), English – Literature in English – New, English – Literature in English –New, English - Second Language – New, English as a Second Language (Count-in speaking), English as a Second Language (Speaking endorsement), Enterprise, Environmental Management, Food and Nutrition, French - First Language, French - Foreign Language, French - Foreign Language (UK), French – New, Geography, Geography – New, German - First Language, German - Foreign Language, German - New, Global Perspectives, Greek - Foreign Language, Hindi as a Second Language, History, History - American (US), History – New, History (US), India Studies, Indonesian - Foreign Language, Information and Communication Technology, IsiZulu as a Second Language, Islamiyat – New, Italian - Foreign Language, Italian - New, Japanese - First Language, Japanese - Foreign Language, Kazakh as a Second Language, Korean (First Language), Latin, Malay - Foreign Language, Mathematics, Mathematics – Additional, Mathematics - Additional (US), Mathematics – International, Mathematics – New, Mathematics (UK only), Mathematics (US), Music, Music – New, Pakistan Studies, Physical Education, Physical Education – New, Physical Science, Physics, Physics – New, Portuguese - First Language, Portuguese - Foreign Language, Religious Studies, Russian - First Language, Sanskrit - New, Science – Combined, Sciences - Co-ordinated - New, Sciences - Co-ordinated (Double), Sociology, Spanish - First Language, Spanish - Foreign Language, Spanish – Literature, Spanish – New, Thai - First Language, Travel and Tourism, Turkish - First Language, Urdu as a Second Language - New,

College Subjects

B.E / B. Tech Courses Aeronautical, Aerospace, Architecture, Automobile, Avionics, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Chemical , Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecom, Electronics and Communication, Electronics and Computer, Electronics and Instrumentation, Fashion Technology, Food and Process, Food Technology, Genetic, Industrial Heavy Machinery, Information & Telecommunication, Information and Communication, Information Technology, instrumentation and control, Interior Design, Mechanical, Mechanical & Automation, Mechanical (Production), Mechatronics, Metallurgy, Nanotechnology, Nuclear science, Nuclear Science & Technology, Robotics and Automation, Software, Solar and Alternate Energy, Textile Technology, Manufacturing Process and Automation Engineering, Marine, Electronics & Control Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Production & Industrial Engineering (PIE), Environmental Engineering, Polymer Science & Chemical Technology, Engineering Physics, Mathematics and Computing, Physics, Space Science, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Civil International, Computer Science - International, Mechanical - International, Electrical & Electronics - International, Biological Sciences and Bio-Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Engineering Science (Energy Environment & Climate), Engineering Science (Mechanics), Metallurgical & Material, Naval Architecture & Ocean, Cyber Security & Forensics, Data Science, Stem Cell and Technology, Molecular Oncology, Cloud Computing & Virtualization Technology, Business Analytics & Optimization, Information Security & Cloud Technology, Computer Networks & Cyber Security, Internet of things & Intelligent System, Graphics and Gaming, Open Source Software & Open Standards, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Embedded System, VLSI, Fire & Safety, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, Planning, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Design, Computer Science and Social Sciences, Computer Science and Biosciences, Construction Planning and Management, infrastructure Engineering, Cloud Technology and Information Security, Cloud Technology and Mobile Applications, Information Science & Engineering,
B. Sc Courses Mathematical Science, Radiography, Applied Life Sciences, Applied Life Sciences with Agro-Chemical & Pest Management, Applied Physical Science, Applied Physical Science (Analytical Chemistry), Applied Physical Sciences (Industrial Chemistry), Applied Science, Industrial Chemistry, Life Sciences, Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Physical Science Computer Science, Physical Science with Chemistry, Physical Science with Computer, Physical Sciences, Actuarial Science, Agriculture & Food Business, Animation and Visual Graphics, Anthropology, Biological Science, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Clinical Psychology, Environmental Science & Management, Forensic Science, Geo Informatics, Home Science, Information Technology (IT), Interior Design, Mathematics, Medical Biotechnology, Medical Lab Technology, Medical Physiology, Nursing, Physics, Statistics, Textile, Zoology, Forestry Science, Horticulture, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Geology, MicroBiology, Economics, PEHES (Physical Education, Health Education & Sports), Aeronautics, Bioscience, Genetics, Health Education & Sports, Animation, Architecture, Communication, Design, Education, Engineering, Geo Informatics & Remote Sensing, Health Sciences, Marine Science, Medical, Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Research and Cancer Biology, Nanotechnology, Neuropsychology & Neurosciences, Occupational Therapy, Organic Agriculture, Psychology & Behavioural Science, Social Science, Special Education, Virology & Immunology, Dietetics & Applied Nutrition, Geography, Animation and VFX, Gaming Design, Medical Imaging Technology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Yoga, Cardiovascular Technology, Hotel Management, Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology, Tourism & Travel Management, Visual Communication, Fashion & Apparel Design, Speech and Hearing, Rehabilitation Science, Renewable Energy, Clinical Research, Digital Film, Mass Communication & Videography, Advanced Zoology & Biotechnology,
B. Sc (Hons) Courses Anthropology, Bio-Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Science, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Food Technology, Geology, Home Science, Instrumentation, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics, Polymer Science, Statistics, Zoology, Applied Mathematics, Economics, Environmental Science, Geography, Psychology Science, Industrial Fish and Fisheries, Biotechnology, Earth Sciences, Medical Biotechnology, Forensic Sciences, Forestry, Marine Science, Nanoscience, Neurosciences, Agriculture, Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), Information Technology, Food Science & Technology, Data Science,
B. Com Courses Pass Course, Education, Management, Special Education, Commerce, Professional, Tourism, Business Analytics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Accounts and Finance, International Finance, Corporate Secretaryship, Bank Management, Information System Managment,
B. Com (Hons) B. Com (Hons), International Accounting & Finance (with ACCA UK), Finance & Accounts with ICA, Applied Economics,
B.A Courses Functional Hindi, Vocational Studies, Arabic, Buddhist Studies, Assamese, Hindi, Statistics, Philosophy, Punjabi, Spanish, Sociology, Political Science, English, Music, German, Bengali, Urdu, Persian, Sanskrit, Psychology, Mathematics, French, Geography, Economics, History, Education, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Journlism, Industrial Relation, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Pushto, Russian, Tourism, Marathi, Animation, Applied Sciences, Architecture, Communication, Fashion, Film & Drama, Insurance, Insurance and Banking, International Relations, Language, Liberal Arts, Management, Medical, Psychology & Behavioural Science, Social Science, Special Education, Travel & Tourism, English literature, Statistics, Social Work, Education, Computer Science, Journalism & Mass Communications, Interior Design, Advertising, Graphics and Web Design, Fashion Design, Modern History, Ancient Indian History and Archaeology, Asian Culture, Tamil Literature, Tourism & Travel Management, Public Administration, BODO, Anthropology, Kathak & Choreography / Dance & Music, Media Studies, Communication and Media, Music – Western Classical, Theater Studies, Film Studies, History and Tourism, Home Science,
B.A (Hons) Courses Applied Psychology, Arabic, Bengali, Business Economics (BBE), Economics, English, French, Geography, German, Hindi, Hindi Journalism and Mass Communication, History, Italian, Journalism, Music, Patrakarita Evam Jansanchar, Persian, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Urdu, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Humanities, , Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Pushto, Russian, Islamic Studies, Mass Media Hindi, Turkish Language & Literature, Communicative English, Insurance & Banking, International Relations, Philosophy Politics & Economics, Public Administration, Strategic Finance, MAITHILI, STATISTICS,
BBA Courses Banking & Finance, Business Development, Family Business and Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare Management, International Business, Marketing & Sales, General, Construction Managment, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Finance, Hospital Adminstration, Insurance and Banking, Management, Aviation Management, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting in association with ACCA UK, Marketing & Automobile Management, Accountancy Taxation & Auditing, Financial Management, Logistics and Supply chain Management, Public Policy, Finance and International Business, Tourism and Travel Management,
Bachelor of Science (4 Years) Chemistry, Economics (Humanities & Social Sciences), Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Economics, Mathematics and Scientific Computing, Physics, Rehabilitation Science,
Other Graduate Courses BCA, B. Design, B. Design (Fashion Comm.), B. Design (Fashion Design), B. Design (Fashion Technology), B. Design (Textile Design), B. Ed, B. Ed (Autism Spectrum Disorder), B. Ed (Mental Retardation), B. Ed (Special Education - Learning Disability), B. El. Ed, B. Lib, B. Pharma, Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Hotel Management, Bachelor of interior Design, Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, Bachelor of Optometry, Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Physical Education & Sports, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management, Bachelors in Performing Arts, BBA (Construction Management), BBA (Healthcare Management), BBA (Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure), Library & Information Science, LLB, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, Hotel Management, BBA, B. Ed. (Home Science), Bachelor of Business Studies, Bachelor of Financial & Investment Analysis, B.Ed.(Nursery Education), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Art), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art Education), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture), Bachelor of Hospitality Management, B. Pharma (Medical), B. Pharma (Pharmacy) (Pharmacy), LLB (Management), LLB (Commerce), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation), Film & Television Production, Mass Communication – International, Vocational Education, Fashion – International, Acting, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Communication), B. Design (Fashion Styling & Image Design), B. Design (Textile Product Design), Bachelor of Tourism Administration, BCA with Analytic, BCA (Software Engg), General Nursing & Midwifery, B. Design (Interior Design), B. Design (Industrial & Product Design), B. Design (Digital & Communication Design), BCA ( Multimedia & Animations), B. Design (Accessory Design), B. Design (Knitwear Design), B. Design (Fashion and Apparel Design), Bachelor of Rehabilitation Therapy, Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Bachelor of Visual Arts, Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Insurance & Actuarial Studies, Bachelor of Banking & Finance, B. Ed (English),
Integrated Engineering Courses B. Tech.+ M.Tech, B.Tech. + MBA, B. Tech & M. Tech (Electrical Engineering), B. Tech & M. Tech (Electrical Energy Science), B. Tech & M. Tech (Mechanical), B. Tech & M. Tech (Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science), B. Tech & M. Tech (Physics), B. Tech & M. Tech (Biotechnology), B. Tech & M. Tech (Nanotechology), B. Sc (Hons) Chemistry & B. Ed, B. Sc (Hons) Physics & B. Ed, B. Sc (Hons) Mathematics & B. Ed, B. Sc (Hons) Biotechnology & B. Ed, B. Sc (Hons) Zoology & B. Ed, B. Sc & M. Sc (Biotechnology), Integrated M.Tech (Converging Technologies), BCA & MCA, BA (Hons) Economics & B.Ed, B. Tech (Aerospace) & M. Tech (Avionics), B. Tech (Civil) & MBA, B. Tech (Electronics & Communication) & MBA, B. Tech (Mechanical) & M. Tech (Automobile), B. Tech (Mechanical) & MBA, B. Tech & M. Tech (Artificial Intelligence & Robotics), B. Tech & M. Tech (Data Science), B. Tech & M. Tech (Network & Cyber Security), B. Tech & M. Tech (Computer Science), B. Tech & M. Tech (Electronics & Communication), B. Tech & M. Tech (Aerospace), B. Tech (Computer Science) & MBA, B.A. (Hons) English & B. Ed., B.Sc. (Environmental Sciences) & B. Ed., Bachelor of Hotel Management & MBA( Hospitality), BBA & MBA (International Business), BBA & MBA, B. Tech & M. Tech (Nuclear Science & Technology), BA + MA (Clinical Psychology), B.A. (Hons) Sanskrit & B. Ed, B.A. (Hons) History + B. Ed, B.A. (Hons) Political Science + B. Ed, B.A. (Hons) Sociology + B. Ed, M.Sc. (Nanoscience) & M.Tech (Nanotech), B.A. & B.Ed. (Special Education), B.Sc. & B.Ed. Special Education, B.Com & ACCA ( Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), BBA & CGMA, M. Sc & Ph. D (Physics), B. Tech & M. Tech (Biological Engineering), B. Tech & M. Tech (Chemical Engineering), B. Tech & M. Tech (Civil Engineering), B.S & M.S (Biological Sciences), B.S & M.S (Physics), MPhil & PhD in Inclusive Development and Social Justice, MPhil & PhD programme in Health Systems Studies, MPhil & PhD programme in Public Health, M.Phil & Ph.D programme School of Habitat Studies, M.Phil & PhD in Social Sciences, M.Phil & Ph.D. in Social Sciences with Specialisation in Sociology of Education, MPhil & Ph.D programme in Social Work, M. Phil & Ph. D. Programme in Education, MPhil & PhD programme in Disaster Studies, MPhil & Ph.D programme in Development Studies, MPhil & Ph.D programme in Women's Studies, MPhil & PhD programme in Management and Labour Studies, BBA & MBA (HRM), B.A & LLB, B. Com & LLB, BBA & LLB, B. Tech & M. Tech(Information Technology), B. Sc & M. Sc (Biological Science), M. Sc Multimedia and Animation,
M.E / M.Tech Course Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Computing, Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Applied Electronics, Architecture, Automobile, Avionics, Big Data Analytics, Biochemical Engineering, Bioinformatics, Biomedical, Biometrics and Cyber Security, Biotechnology, CAD/CAM, Chemical, Chemical Synthesis and Process Technologies, Civil, Civil – Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Communication Systems / Advanced Communication Systems, Computer Aided Process and Equipment Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Computer Network & Information Security, Computer Science, Computer Science and Application, Computer Science and Information Security, Construction Engineering and Management, Construction Management, Control & Instrumentation, Control Systems, Data Science, Electrical and Electronics, Electrical Machines, Electronics (Instrumentation Control), Electronics and Communication, Embedded Systems and VLSI, Embedded Systems Technology, Energy Engineering, Engineering Design, Engineering Management, Environmental, Food & Nutritional Biotechnology, Food Technology, Genetic, Geo Informatics System Remote Sensing, Geotechnical, High Voltage, Hydro Systems & Technology, Industrial, Industrial and Production, Industrial Biotechnology, Industrial Electronics, Industrial Metallurgy, Information Security, Information Security and Cyber Forensics, Information Systems, Information Technology, Infrastructure and Management, Instrumentation and control, Laser Technology & Optoelectronics, Lean Manufacturing, Machine Design, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering, Materials and System Engineering Design, Materials Technology, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Medical Nanotechnology, Microwave Electronics, Nano electronics, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, Nanotechnology, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Science & Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Polymer Science & Technology, Power Electronics and Drive, Power Systems, Process Control, Product Design and Commerce, Production, Remote Sensing and GIS, Signal Processing, Software Engineering, Solar and Alternate Energy, Solar Energy, Structural, Telecommunication Networks, Telecommunication Systems, Textile Technology, Thermal Engineering, Transportation, Virtual Prototyping and Digital Manufacturing, VLSI, VLSI Design, Water Resources Engineering, Wireless Communication, Wireless Technologies, Internal Combustion, Computer Aided Structural Engineering, Highway Engineering, Electrical Power Systems, Electrical Power Engineering, Power & Industrial Drives, Advanced Internal Combustion Engines, Thermal Sciences & Energy Systems, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Production Engineering & Engineering Design, Digital Electronics & Communication Systems, Digital Systems & Computer Electronics, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Micro & Nano Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Systems, Reliability Engineering, Hydraulic & Flood Engineering, Computational Design, Renewable Energy Technology, Mechanics, Design Engineering, Molecular Engineering: Chemical Synthesis & Analysis, Geotechnical and Geo-environmental, Rock Engineering and Underground Structure, Construction Technology and Management, Communications Engineering, Computer Technology, Control and Automation, Integrated Electronics and Circuits, Power Electronics, Design of Mechanical Equipment, Applied Optics, Electrical Machines and Drives, Solid State Materials, Fibre Science & Technology, Radio Frequency Design and Technology, Atmospheric-Oceanic Science and Technology, Computer Applications, Energy Studies, Energy and Environmental Management, Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Engineering, Instrument Technology, Optoelectronics and Optical Communication, Telecommunication Technology Management, VLSI Design Tools and Technology, Industrial Mathematics With Computer Application, Computational Mathematics, Earthquake Engineering, Earth Sciences, Biosciences & Bioengineering, Materials, Manufacturing and Modeling (MMM), Resources Engineering, Systems & Control Engineering, CTARA, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Network & Cyber Security, Atmospheric Technology and Climate Management, Environmental Biotechnology, Water Technology and Management, Food Biotechnology, Biological Sciences and Bio-Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Science Program, Photonics Science and Engineering, Electrical, Environmental Engineering and Management, Industrial and Management Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Catalysis Technology, Building Technology and Construction Management, Hydraulics & Water Res. Engineering, Power System and Power Electronics, Micro Electronics & VLSI Design, Industrial Mathematics & Scientific Computing, Metallurgical & Material Engineering, Ocean, Petroleum, Fluid Mechanics / Solid Mechanics, Biotech Animal Biotechnology, Biotech.in Plant Biotechnology, Mobile Computing, Cyber Security & Information Assurance, Industrial Automation, Digital Communication, Production & Industrial Engineering, Thermal & Fluid Engineering, Electronic System Designing & Management, Architectural Pedagogy, Landscape Architecture, Intelligent Systems and Robotics, Wireless Communications and Networks, Power System & Control, Energy Management, Information & Communication Technology, MICRO ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS & EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY, APPLIED AND COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & ENTREPRENEURSHIP, DATA ANALYTICS, MOBILE TECHNOLOGY, Mobile & Pervasive Computing, Robotics and Automation, Radio Frequency & Microwave, Engineering Physics, Data Engineering, Town and Country Planning, Industrial Automation & Robotics, Electronics System Design,
M. S Courses Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Photonics Science and Engineering,
M. Sc. Courses Actuarial Science, Agriculture, Animation, Anthropology, Applied Chemistry, Applied Geology, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Botany, Cellular & Molecular Oncology, Chemistry, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Research, Computer Science, Development Communication & Extension, Dietetics & Applied Nutrition, Earth Science, Electronics, Environmental Science, Environmental Science & Management, Fabric & Apparel Science, Food & Nutrition, Forensic Science, Forestry, Genetics, Genomics, Geo Informatics System Remote Sensing, Geology, Graphics & Animation, Horticulture, Human Development & Childhood Studies, Immunology, Informatics, Marine Science, Mathematics Education, Maths, Medical Lab Tech, Medical Physics, Medical Physiology, Microbiology, Molecular Medicine, Nanoscience, Network Technology & Management, Nursing (Community Health), Nursing (Medical Surgical), Nursing (Psychiatric), Polymer Science & Technology, Renewable Energy, Resource Management & Design Application, Statistics, Stem Cell Sc & Technology, Virology, Wildlife Sciences, Zoology, Industrial Chemistry, Physics, Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Applied Genetics, Analytical Chemistry, Big Data Analytics, Life Sciences, Biophysics, Bioscience, Disaster Management and Climate Sustainability Studies, Mathematics with Computer Science, Information Technology (IT), Data Science, Ocean Atmospheric Science & Technology, Economics, Environmental Health Sciences & Management, Neurosciences, Psychology, Psychological Counselling, Climate Change and Sustainability Studies, Urban Policy and Governance, Disaster Management, Water Policy and Governance, Regulatory Governance, Development Policy Planning and Practice, Sustainable Livelihoods and Natural Resources Governance, Ecology Society and Sustainable Development, Water Sanitation & Hygiene, Molecular Oncology, Food Science & Technology, Nursing (Child Health in Pediatrics), Nursing (Obstetrics and Gynecology), Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology, Applied Microbiology, Biodiversity & Conservation, Criminology, Audiology & Speech Language Pathology, Electronic Media, Electronic Science, Fashion & Apparel Design, Geographical Information Science, Human Consciousness and Yogic Science, Molecular Biology, Strategic Management, Behavioural Science, Psychology (HRDM), Developmental Studies, Digital Society,
M. Com Courses Account, Business Administration, Commerce, Finance, Management, Financial Analysis, Financial Analysis & CGMA, Bussines Administration, Computer Oriented Business Application, International Business, Corporate Secretaryship,
M.A Courses Advertising & Marketing Management, Applied Linguistics – ELT, Applied Psychology, Arabic, Bengali, Buddhist Studies, Clinical Psychology, Comparative Indian Literature, Counselling Psychology, Development Studies, East Asian Studies, Economics, Education, English, Fashion & Textile, Merchandising, Fashion Retail Management, Film and TV production, French, Geography, German, Hindi, Hindustani Music, Hispanic, History, International Relations, Italian, Japanese, Journalism & Mass Communication, Karnataka Music, Life Long Learning & Extension, Linguistics, Organisation Psychology, Persian, Philosophy, Political Science, PR and Event Management, Psychology, Public Policy & Governance, Punjabi, Russian Studies, Sanskrit, Social Work, Sociology, Tamil, Urdu, Development Studies, Environment & Development, Gender Studies, Psychology (Psychosocial Clinical Studies), Visual Art Practice, Literary Art Creative Writing, Performance Studies, Film Studies, Urban Studies, Global studies, Law, Politics and Society, Ancient History, Arts & Aesthetics, Chinese, Development and Labour Studies, Economics(with specialization in World Economy), French and Francophone Studies), German Translation/Translation & Interpretation, International Relations and Area Studies, Korean, Medieval History, Modern History, Politics(with specialisation in International Studies), Spanish, Development Extension, Mathematics, Politics and Society, Applied Sciences, Communication, Defence & Strategic Studies, Design, English literature, Fashion, Film & Drama, Fine Arts, Language, Liberal Arts, Management, Medical, Natural Resources & Sustainable Development, NGO Management / Development Studies, Physiotherapy, Psychology & Behavioural Science, Public Policy, Social Science, Travel & Tourism, Statistics, Advertising & PR, Media Studies, Interior Design, Vocational Education, Hospital Administration, Optometry, Optometry (M.Optom) Practitioner, Environment & Sustainable Development, Public Administration, Tourism Administration, Film TV & Radio, Law Politics and Society, Education (Early Childhood Care and Education), Urban Policy and Governance, Social Work (Criminology & Justice), Social Entrepreneurship, Social Work (Disability Studies & Action), Social Work (Mental Health), Social Work (Community Organisation & Development Practice), Education (Elementary), Disaster Management, Human Resource Management & Labour Relations, Social Work (Women-Centred Practice), Water Policy and Governance, Social Work (Public Health), Social Work (Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship), Social Work (Children & Families), Social Work (Dalit & Tribal Studies and Action), Regulatory Governance, Globalisation and Labour, Women's Studies, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Development Policy Planning and Practice, Sustainable Livelihoods and Natural Resources Governance, Peace and Conflict Studies, Labour Studies and Social Protection, Ecology Environment and Sustainable Development, Social Work (Counselling), Social Work in Rural Development, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Media and Cultural Studies, Climate Change and Sustainability Studies, Water Sanitation & Hygiene, Organisation Development Change and Leadership, Digital Media and Multimedia Communication, Economics Planning and Development, Political Science and International Relations, Mass Communication, History and Civilization, Anthropology, ASSAMESE, Criminology, Kannda, Rural Development Studies, Telugu, English with Cultural Studies, Applied Economics, English with Communication Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Theology, Theology of Religious Life, Counselling and Spirituality, Educational Leadership and Management, International Studies, Social Work (Clinical and Community Practice), Master of Social Work (Human Resource Development and Management), Classical Music, Classical Music (Karnatak& Hindistani), Classical Dance (Bharatnatyam), History of Fine Arts,
LLM Courses Business, Constitutional, Corporate and Banking, Criminal, Family, Human Right, Intellectual Property, International Environmental, International Trade & Economics, Media & Entertainment, Medical & Health, Tax, Corporate, Energy, International Law, Access to Justice, LLM (General), Constitutional & Administrative Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, Labour & Employment Law,
MBA Courses Agriculture & Food Business, Agriculture Business, Banking and Finance, Biotechnology Management, Business Analytics, Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Management, Construction Economics & Quality surveying, Construction Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Executive MBA, Fashion Management, Finance, General, Hospital & Healthcare Management, Hospitality Management, Hotel and Tourism, Human Resource, Information Technology, Infrastructure Management, Insurance and Banking, Insurance and Financial Planning, International Business, Logistics, Marketing & Sales, Media Management, Natural Resources & Sustainable Development, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Production & Operation, Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure, Retail Management, Supply Chain Management, Telecom Management, PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management), Executive PGDM, Marketing and Management Communication, Media Management, PR & Event Management, Master of Public Health, Transport & Logistics, Family Business, Insurance, Tourism Administration, Supply Chain Management & Logistics with Safeducate, Software Enterprise Management, Leadership and Management, Lean Operations and Systems, Marketing, Marketing & Finance, Marketing & Human Resource Management, Finance & Human Resource Management, International Finance Management, Aviation Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management,
Other Post Graduate Courses MCA, LLM, M. Design (Fashion & Textile), M. Ed, M. Ed (Mental Retardation), M. Ed (Special Education - Learning Disability), M. Lib, M. Pharma (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), M. Pharma (Drug Regulatory Affairs), M. Pharma (Pharmaceutics), M. Pharma (Pharmacology), Master in Performing Arts, Master of Clinical Optometry, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Hospital Administration, Master of Hotel Management, Master of Interior Design, Master of Optometry Practioner, Master of Physical Education, Master of Physiotherapy, Master of Public Health, Master of Social Work, Master of Travel & Tourism Management, Master in Physiotherapy, Hotel Management, Masters in Marketing and Management, Masters in Journalism, Master of Fine Arts (Art Education), Master of Fine Arts (Art History & Art Appreciation), Master of Fine Arts (Graphic Art), Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture), Master of Fine Arts(Applied Art), Master of Fine Arts (Painting), Master of Library & Information Science, Master of Journalism and Audio Visual Comm., Master of Design, Master of Education (Physical Education), Master of Management Studies, Master of Public Health ( Social Epidemioligy), Master of Public Health ( Health Policy Economics and Finance), Regulatory GovernanceMaster of Public Health (Health Administration), Master of Design (Interior Design), Master of Design (Industrial & Product Design), Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology, Master of Physiotherapy in Sports, Master of Physiotherapy in Cardio-Pulmonary, Master of Planning, Master of Design (Urban), Master of Design (Industrial Design), Master of Planning (Environmental Planning), Master of Planning (Housing), Master of Planning (Regional Planning), Master of Planning (Transport Planning), Master of Planning (Urban Planning), Master of Fashion Management, Master of Fashion Technology, Master in Conservation Preservation & Heritage Management, Master In Archaeology & Heritage Management, Master in Human Resource Planning and Development, Master of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Master of Occupational Therapy (Musculoskeletal), Master of Occupational Therapy (Neurology), Master of Performing Arts (Dance - Bharathanatyam), Master of Performing Arts (Theater Arts), Master of Performing Arts (Music (Carnatic-Vocal Instrumental), Master of Performing Arts (Mrudanga),
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